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About Us


SRSM Group is one of the prominent builders in the city. Whose reputation has been built upon a true understanding of customers’ needs and satisfaction? Needs assessment is a tough task, it requires a lot of innate skills and experience.

The management has rich experience in earning customers’ trust Over 15 years. To date, every project of S.M. projects has turned out to be a milestone and a feather in their cap. The company has a proven track record and gives due importance to conserving natural resources. The management and the execution team have a pool of highly talented professionals from the fields of construction, architecture, and design. The company believes in prioritizing all aspects of construction. All its projects have been accomplished to the utmost satisfaction of our customers who found their dream homes exceeded the level of their expectations.

Our Top Constructions

History & Achievements

customers’ trust Over 15 years, The srsm group has emphatically positioned itself as pioneers in Hyderabad. In the last three decades we have built a footprint of spanning over 20 properties. We remain ever thankful to our customers for reposing their trust time and again. They have prompted and encouraged us to accomplish our milestones and embark on new goals ahead.

We have expertise in properties ranging from Apartments to Gated Communities to Shopping Complexes and we have always given our best by employing the best of methods and construction practices in the industry. We primarily owe our success to our customers for trusting us with the most important possession of their lives.